Monday, September 3, 2007

Ayaan's arrival

It was in early September, last year, that I was about to shift into a more responsible role. This role was that of a father. I was mentally preparing myself for it for months until then. Finally, the day came when I first saw my baby. Small and delicate, he was shown to me soon after he was out of the OT/Labour room. Doctor said that the baby was healthy and weighed about 3.5 Kgs and they wanted to keep him under observation for about 2 days. So, he was kept in the nursery with his other counterparts. Anyways, I was allowed to see him whenever I wanted. Two days later, we got the possession of our child.

A lot of friends asked me how was I feeling and I could only say, "It is an ineffable experience". I still can't describe the joy of becoming a father. But surely it keeps one elated for a long time. On that occasion, We served Kanpur's famous (Bunty & Babli fame) laddoos "Thaggu ke Laddoo" to all those who visited us.

At the time of Ayaan's Birth, his maternal grandfather (Naanajaan) was struggling in a hospital. So, we didn't celebrate the moment. We were mostly praying for his grandfather's well-being. Our relatives were shuttling between the two hospitals. Thankfully, I had my mom with me for support and Ayaan's Naaniammi was looking after his Naanajaan. Ayaan was lucky enough that his nanajaan got well extremely fast. Once, both of them came back from Hospitals, it was time for me to start for Hyderabad.

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