Monday, September 3, 2007

Ayaan's gonna be 2-year old

Ayaan is completing 2 years, this Wednesday. I am amazed at the speed with which time has flown past. Now I realize why some people say, "Kids grow up so fast that you keep wondering whatever happened to their childhood."

It's not a coincidence but the inability to find quality time to record my feelings and observations as a father that this post is coming exactly after an year. The last time I posted something on this blog was when it was Ayaan's first Birthday. I think I must be a little more frequent on this blog.

Today, I an trying to recall the day when Ayaan turned and rolled on bed for the first time, the day when he first crawled, the day he started moving on his knees and the day he stood up and took those first few beautiful steps.

From milk and water, he has moved to chocolates, wafers and juices. From teething rings and rattles, he has moved to toy cars and tricyles. Things are moving really fast...

He has begun to express his liking or dislike for food, clothes, toys and people. Even at this tender age, he looks for answers beyond one's words. He tries to analyse the moods and intentions of people communicating with him.

We all believe that kids are a bundle of joy but it can be otherwise, when you see them in pain. I remember the day when Ayaan got hurt with a piece of broken glass jar. I also remember the days and nights when he has cried for hours because of a stomachache, toothache or blocked nose. As parents, we become so helpless waiting for the sunrise - to see a doctor, trying some home remedies and helping the child forget the pain. All parents go through this but we realise this for our parents only when we face it. It's a blessing that somehow, at some point of time, we realize this...

On the other side, it's a wonderful feeling to have your kid welcoming you when you are reach home from office. For me, it's worth the day's work and another reason to thank Almighty.

With a lot of wonderful memories, I thank God for giving me this happiness and look forward to a wonderful birthday for my son - Ayaan.

Happy Birthday, Son!!!

~ Qais

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