Monday, September 3, 2007

Ayaan's gonna be 2-year old

Ayaan is completing 2 years, this Wednesday. I am amazed at the speed with which time has flown past. Now I realize why some people say, "Kids grow up so fast that you keep wondering whatever happened to their childhood."

It's not a coincidence but the inability to find quality time to record my feelings and observations as a father that this post is coming exactly after an year. The last time I posted something on this blog was when it was Ayaan's first Birthday. I think I must be a little more frequent on this blog.

Today, I an trying to recall the day when Ayaan turned and rolled on bed for the first time, the day when he first crawled, the day he started moving on his knees and the day he stood up and took those first few beautiful steps.

From milk and water, he has moved to chocolates, wafers and juices. From teething rings and rattles, he has moved to toy cars and tricyles. Things are moving really fast...

He has begun to express his liking or dislike for food, clothes, toys and people. Even at this tender age, he looks for answers beyond one's words. He tries to analyse the moods and intentions of people communicating with him.

We all believe that kids are a bundle of joy but it can be otherwise, when you see them in pain. I remember the day when Ayaan got hurt with a piece of broken glass jar. I also remember the days and nights when he has cried for hours because of a stomachache, toothache or blocked nose. As parents, we become so helpless waiting for the sunrise - to see a doctor, trying some home remedies and helping the child forget the pain. All parents go through this but we realise this for our parents only when we face it. It's a blessing that somehow, at some point of time, we realize this...

On the other side, it's a wonderful feeling to have your kid welcoming you when you are reach home from office. For me, it's worth the day's work and another reason to thank Almighty.

With a lot of wonderful memories, I thank God for giving me this happiness and look forward to a wonderful birthday for my son - Ayaan.

Happy Birthday, Son!!!

~ Qais

Ayaan's First Birthday

Yesterday, which is on September 5, 2006, Ayaan turned 1 year old. He can stand and walk a few steps on his own. He has got 8 teeth and bites fingers real hard. He speaks his own language and understands some of ours too. Like most kids, he seeks people's attention wherever he goes and he really gets their attention and affection.

Happy Birthday, Ayaan !!

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Greetings received on email

When I sent an mail to my friends telling about Ayaan's birth, I got wonderful replies from a lot of friends. I am publishing the ones that I could get in my email inbox. I also received a lot of text messages on my mobile. For now, I will publish some of those emails here.
Vaibhav Choudhary
Congrats Qais bhai !!!!!!!!I think u r telling me a little too late today is 13th sept.Anyway congrats.How'z bhabhi?? when is she n younger one coming to hyderabad.regardsvaibhav
Hi Qais,This is a great news. Congratulations and wish your son will fill yourand sumbul's life with joy and happiness. Have you named him yet ??Best Regards,
Ameesh and Nimisha
Ramesh Aiyyangar
Hi Qais!CONGRATULATIONS!! Qais on becoming a proud father...As you embark into this new phase of your life,I am sure there is lot of excitement and joy,and moments to be cherished forever.Wishing you all the best.Cheers!
Swarup Mahanti
Hello Qais sahab,CONGRATULATIONS !!!!.....on the arrival of Qais Junior.....My heartiest love and wishes to you and your family.One small news from my side also...I have moved to Delhi. my contact no. is 98105 36345RegardsSwarup
Tahir bhai
Dear Qais,My Heartiest Congratulations,Lots of Luv to your Son .That's really a good news Do pass on my congrats to your better Half.Regards
Mohit Sharan
Hey Man......................Congratulations to the newddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyMohit
Maya Pandey
Congratulations!!!!!! convey our good wishes to ur wife.......
Swaroop n' Maya
Amitabh Bansal
Congratulations Sir ji and bhabiji,I am just behind you in this matter too...jaldi he aapko mein bhi news doonga :)) . Do send few pics. of my bhatija ji....Bye,Amitabh
Abhijit Kar
Congratulations Qais!Its good news indeed. BTW your son is born onTeacher's Day. Throughout his school life he will havefun on his classes!!As a financial planner my advice to you is increase your insurance cover immediately and invest in a children's education plan right now.bye for now,
Debi Prasad Ray
Hi QaisCongratulation for being blessed with a son and now we are the proud uncle:)RegardsDebi
Anuj Kapoor
Qais Bhai,Many Many Congratulations to you and your wife. It's really great to knowabout the baby. Hope both mother and child are in good health.Please pass my wishes to your wife as well and enjoy your newly wishes..Shaily and Anuj Kapoor
Sandeep Brahma
Hi QaisCongrats man . Now u have a full fledged family.Whats the name of the boy ? Hows the boy & Bhabhi ?Convey my love & regards to them.Ok bye for now and keep in touch.Sandy
Himanshu Rastogi
Hi Qais,
That is really a GREAT & WONDERFUL kya naam rakkhha hai bhai. Aur mithaai kahaan hai.Kewal email say kaam nahin chalnay waalaa hai.How is bhabhi. & where are you all now - kanpur main ho kyaa?Just to update you, I am in Gurgaon now a days. I amhere for a project from Satyam. Since its a long termproject, my stay here shall be long.Rest is OK. ho sakay to Bete jaan ki snap bhejnaa.OK then. Do write back. Take care.
Cell No. 98912 89574 (Gurgaon)
Danish JawedAssalam alaikum Qais bhai,
Congratulations. May Allah keep his blessings on your son and make yourson to become one of the causes to lead u and ur wife into jannah.I am very sorry that i didnt called u up to congratulate u. actually iwas out of station when i got ur message. anyway insha Allah i will callu up sometime. so u r back in hyderabad or still at home. rest all nice
Allah hafiz
Pallavi Rastogi
Hi Qais & Sumbul
Congratulations! Do send us the photographs. You must be knowing that right now we are in Gurgaon.Hope Sumbul is doing good. When is she joining you back in Hyderabad? Say my Hello to her.
Take care, All the best.
Shadan Zeb KhanMubarakan bhai
son will b great scholar like Radhakrishnan, former President of India b'coz he was born on the same date(celebrated as teachers Day)
take care
Hasan bhaiBahut bahut mubarak ho bhai, this is great news. Our best wishes to your wife and lots of love to chotu sahab.
Hasan and Alvia.
Shirish Garg
Qais Bhai mubarakh ho
Pankaj Pandey
Hey...........Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thts a great news u r dad now..... lots of responsibility and excitement.......... Whrs Bhabhi and ur son. At hyd????Ur bhabhi is in Jaipur....... Yes I ve moved with my entire family.. mom ,dad, rachna and myself........It calls for a celebration man........ . lets meet up and we will have a gala party...Definitely we will keep in touch yaar.......Chalo take care.... Hey incase u come across Rajneesh 's number do mail me......pankaj
Ibrahim Alam
Assalamu-AlaikumHope this mail finds you in the best of your healthand high Islamic spirit.Sorry for replying late. Accept my congratulation onbeing father.Convey my salaam to Bhabhi and others there.WASALAAM
Ibrahim Alam
CONGRATS ON THE ARRIVAL OF THE BABY BOY.Assalamalaikum, well sorry i'm late in replying, but lately i'm not logging on much. and Ramadan mubarak also.what name have u decided, and if possible send a picture.congrats to u and yr wife once again. I hope the baby grows up to be neik musalmanallah hafizkhadija
hello bhayya,Congrats.I got the news from namita. so what did u name the kid?how is everything? namita is coming to my place next month for couple of weeks.She is doing okay.I call her almost everyday. she told me that u helped alot in ritu's wedding. I am very happy for her.i missed the wedding though :(we are fine. right now very busy at work and home..More laterSirisha

Those were the mails I still had in my mailbox. I just wanted to have them somewhere else too. Now, anyone who might be interested can read them. I hope and wish that when my son grows up, he reads them too.
Cheers !!!

(posted by Qais Mujeeb @ Wednesday, May 24, 2006 on original blog)

The email I sent

Here is the email that I had sent to my friends informing them about Ayaan's birth.

Hi !
A good news to share with you. I have become a Dad, now. My son
stepped into this world on 5th september 2005. Sorry for being a little late
in informing you... hope i m forgiven..
Cheers !

Well, I had to search for this email. Luckily, I found it attached with the replies I got and haven't yet deleted them. I will post those replies too.

(posted by Qais Mujeeb @ Monday, May 22, 2006 on original blog)

Ayaan's arrival

It was in early September, last year, that I was about to shift into a more responsible role. This role was that of a father. I was mentally preparing myself for it for months until then. Finally, the day came when I first saw my baby. Small and delicate, he was shown to me soon after he was out of the OT/Labour room. Doctor said that the baby was healthy and weighed about 3.5 Kgs and they wanted to keep him under observation for about 2 days. So, he was kept in the nursery with his other counterparts. Anyways, I was allowed to see him whenever I wanted. Two days later, we got the possession of our child.

A lot of friends asked me how was I feeling and I could only say, "It is an ineffable experience". I still can't describe the joy of becoming a father. But surely it keeps one elated for a long time. On that occasion, We served Kanpur's famous (Bunty & Babli fame) laddoos "Thaggu ke Laddoo" to all those who visited us.

At the time of Ayaan's Birth, his maternal grandfather (Naanajaan) was struggling in a hospital. So, we didn't celebrate the moment. We were mostly praying for his grandfather's well-being. Our relatives were shuttling between the two hospitals. Thankfully, I had my mom with me for support and Ayaan's Naaniammi was looking after his Naanajaan. Ayaan was lucky enough that his nanajaan got well extremely fast. Once, both of them came back from Hospitals, it was time for me to start for Hyderabad.

(posted by Qais Mujeeb @ Monday, May 22, 2006 on original blog)

On Becoming a Proud Father

I became a father a little over six months back so I would prefer the title "On Becoming a Proud Father" as my son Ayaan crawled two steps for the first time, today. I have been contemplating to start a blog on fatherhood to note down my experiences as a father. A lot has been written and talked about Motherhood - the greatest feeling in this creation but nonetheless , Fatherhood should get its fair share, too. So, here comes my blog on fatherhood after lot of holding back. It became more irresistible when my wife asked me to start a blog on our son- Ayaan.

(posted by Qais Mujeeb on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 on another blog)