Sunday, September 6, 2009

The year that was...

The fourth year didn't start off quite well for Ayaan as he suffered severely from the seasonal allergy. By the time a doctor told us that this prolonged cold and cough that he was suffering from would subside by October-November, Ayaan had already gone through 2 month of medication. The effect of antibiotics was showing up on his health. We were worried but felt better as he got better. The next good thing that happened to him was a trip to Mumbai and Vapi. He has great fun there with his cousin - Aafiya and other relatives who showered him will all the attention he needed.

Then, towards the last part of year 2008, we went to Lucknow and Kanpur which was again a wonderful vacation for Ayaan. Finally, in December, my parents visited us while my brother also moved to Pune. Ayaan was very happy for now he could visit his cousin's place, frequently. Year 2009 started off nicely for us, as my parents were here and we were busy helping Ayaan's cousin Aafiya settle down at Pune.

At school, Ayaan completed his first year and was promoted to LKG from Nursery. We got to attend the Annual Day celebration where Ayaan participated in a Dance sequence. He looked jazzy and funky with gelled hair and fluorescent orange T-shirt. ;-)

Another event at his school that I attended recently was "Breakfast with Fathers". Sounds unfamiliar? Yes, it did give me a similar thought but it proved to be a good idea. Coincidentally, I had a team picnic planned for the same day but I skipped it in favour of this new but important event. So, I was there with Ayaan at his school to figure out what this event was...

At the school, most other children were accompanied by their respective fathers. The teachers had arranged some activities for us (fathers) and they were - Sing-a-song, dress up your child using newspaper, musical chairs, My Daddy strongest and Best looking Dad. Fortunately for me, the last two events didn't happen, especially the "Muscular Dad" event. Besides all this, we got to eat pizzas that were prepared by all those little hands with tiny fingers garnishing the pizza base with a variety of toppings. I would say: it was a good event targeted at enhancing Father-Kid bonding. If I missed a team bonding activity at work, this was a fair compensation for me when the Father-Son duo had a field day.

By the way, if you're curious about the song that I could sing at the event, let me tell you it was difficult to remember a song for the occasion. Since the Indian Independence day was round the corner, so "Nanha Munna raahi hun...” saved me from the embarrassment.

The Special Day
This birthday was the first one when Ayaan really knew what it meant. He was looking forward to it. We got the first birthday wish on SMS from Aftab. In the morning, Ayaan's mom had to leave for work and he had to stay at home with me. As it was a Saturday, so I was supposed to be at home. We had a good time at home and then we went out to order his cake and make arrangements for a small party, too. He already knew who he was going to invite for the party. His list happened to be very small and it included Aafiya and her parents, Vishy and Vardaan. Of course, we took the liberty of inviting our neighbours and some family friends, too.

Ayaan was too happy to receive the gifts and have his choicest people at his birthday party. And the excitement was such that he didn't want to sleep early, like every birthday kid does :-)

That's was a short write-up that I could put together quickly. And this is just another birthday present for Ayaan. May God bless him with the best in life!

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